The Catalog Process - How does it work?

How Does it Work?

Not sure how to begin? That’s ok. We’ll take you through the process from start to finish.

Developing a Concept

Our graphics team will spend some time with you to learn about your business and what makes it tick. We will process the information we have gathered and put into place a strategic plan for getting the most ROI with your catalog.

Gathering of Materials

We will asses the images and copy you anticipate using in the catalog, and together will determine if there is a need for tabletop product photography, photo re-touching or copywriting (all offered in house). If you prefer to use images and descriptions supplied by your manufacturer, we will assist you in making sure that you have the highest quality images availble to you.

Catalog Layout

Next, using the materials we have gathered, we will work closely with you to create key visual structures and page layouts that will be repeated throughout the catalog. Your level of involvement in this stage is entirely up to you, and we will be happy to send proofs as we work through each section.


Once the catalog is complete, we will proof it several times, then give you your first complete proof. This stage is critical as it gives you a chance to make last-minute changes and cross-check the catalog with your website, ensuring that every item in the catalog is also listed on your website and easilly accessible through a site search.

Choosing a Printer

We can work with the printer of your choosing, or you may take advantage of using a professional print company that has been tried and tested by us.

Delivery / Final Product

We will see the process through to the end product, whether that be a print catalog for distribution or a digital PDF for your website. We strive to provide excellent service to our customers and will be happy to answer any question you may have along the way.

Industry News

“Paper Catalog still largest revenue generator among all channels used by companies that sell goods to consumers and businesses from a remote location”

Article Published by Retailer Daily


“Our company has seen tremendous growth due to the re-making of our catalog. We have been extremely happy with the results of the post-production work on the product images for our website. Since we began working with Vedacolor, our sales have increased by 40%.

~ Mike Meditz, Owner

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“Catalogs...a quaint reminder of a different era? Not quite.

Direct Mail catalogs are more relevant and important than ever before. Opening a high-speed channel to new and existing online customers (regardless of demographic group), catalogs drive them to your web site often, motivating them to spend additional time and money.”

- Source: Study by the United States Postal Service
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